Student Group Announces 4th Empty Holster Protest


Students for Concealed Carry on Campus is proudly announcing our fourth annual Empty Holster Protest.

The protest – the fourth of its kind since SCCC’s inception in 2007 – will take place during the week of April 5-9, 2010.

The event will involve SCCC members and supporters everywhere across the United States donning empty holsters once again while attending classes as an act of silent protest against laws and policies that discriminate against legally armed citizens.

SCCC members firmly believe that students, faculty, staff and visitors who are legally authorized to carry concealed firearms for protection have no compelling reason to be denied this right on a college campus and that laws against armed citizens protect only criminals.

Participants can sign up on the event’s Facebook page, which has already attracted hundreds of participants.

Posters, tip sheets, form letters, protest guidelines and further tools will be made available to participants in the weeks leading up to the protest.

For inquiries, please contact David Burnett or visit SCCC’s State-by-State page to contact your Regional Director.


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