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Strange Details Emerge about John Wheeler's Last Days

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Strange details are emerging about the last days of the life of former presidential aide John Wheeler, who was found murdered in a landfill in Delaware.

Two days earlier, the 66 year old was seen wandering around a parking garage in Wilmington wearing only one shoe. A parking attendant said Wheeler looked "disoriented," and that he wasn't wearing a coat despite the freezing weather.

"He really didn't look good to me," said attendant Iman Goldsborough. "I asked him, 'Are you okay?' He was like, 'No.'"

Here is surveillance video of Wheeler at the garage:


The following day he was also seen wandering around Wilmington. It was the last sighting before his body was discovered on New Year's Eve.

Investigators are also looking into a dispute Wheeler was having with one of his neighbors. Wheeler was fighting that neighbor's efforts to renovate his house, with Wheeler claiming it would block his view.

Police found a smoke bomb underneath the neighbor's house last week. They are looking into whether Wheeler was involved in that.

Wheeler's body was placed in a commercial dumpster in Newark, Delaware, about 12 miles from his home and 15 miles from Wilmington. A garbage truck picked it up and took it to the landfill where the grim discovery was made.

Police confirm he was murdered but would not say how he was killed.

Wheeler was an aide to President Reagan and President George H.W. Bush. He was instrumental in the creation of the Vietnam War Memorial.


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