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Stop Racism: Repeal Arizona Immigration Law

My hat goes off to US District Judge Susan Bolton for blocking the most controversial parts of SB 1070, better known as the Arizona Immigration Law.

          As I have stated before, I am a supporter of the Constitution, and do not believe in trampling over it so you can get extremist policies in, no matter what party you’re from.

          To explain what I’m against, the major point that was blocked was that officers are required to check immigration status of suspects in routine traffic stops “if there is reasonable suspicion that they are in the US illegally.” Define “reasonable.” This will lead to racial profiling, and just accepts the United States’ even more xenophobic nature. So in other words, “Any person of Mexican decent whether in the country legally or not, must show their immigration status to any officer on demand.”

          They’re using the Republican/Tea Party tactic of spewing hate and fear mongering. Then there’s the part about making it a crime to not have your immigration papers on you at all times. You would be arrested if you are of Mexican decent and don’t have your immigration papers whether you’re here legally or not and fined $200. How corrupt can the Republicans be? Arizona governor Jan Brewer said, “This fight is far from over. In fact, it is just the beginning.”

          Let me remind you of Jan Brewer’s record. She personally repealed Arizona’s gay rights law that had been signed into law by the governor before her, and now is signing an unconstitutional immigration law. Sounds like a certain state in the Southwest needs a recall election.

          This is where the United States policy on illegal immigration has obviously derailed. Quit kicking these people out of the country; make them legal so they start paying taxes! If you deport every illegal that you catch, naturally, they’re going to try and sneak back in. That’s a given, so you might as well make them legal citizens of this country.      

          Once they’re legal, offer them amnesty and immunity from prosecution if they give up the names of who they’re working for, so the under-the-table employers can be caught and in prison instead of defrauding the government of tax money.

          Besides, border control is a federal responsibility, not a state’s. That’s why the Border Patrol is a federal organization.

          I read in the opinion section of my local newspaper some brain-dead Republican asked where they could “make a donation to Arizona for finally stepping up to the plate and (doing something) about illegal immigration.”

My response is this. If the policies and response (or lack thereof) to illegal immigration is that bad, why don’t we reform federal immigration laws? It’s like this. Your boat is sinking, so you have two options. You can either bail the water out, trying unsuccessfully to stop the effects, or close the leak, solving the problem at its root.   

          This is an example of a Democrat with a brain in their head stopping the Conservatives before they destroy this country. Judge Susan Bolton, I commend you and God bless you for saving the Constitution!


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