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Steve Harvey Calls Trump Meeting His 'Biggest Mistake'

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Talk show host Steve Harvey told listeners that sitting down for a conversation with President Donald Trump in January was the biggest error he has ever made.

"Meeting with Donald Trump was the worst mistake of my life," Harvey said on his radio program, "The Steve Harvey Morning Show," according to Daily Mail. "I should have never gone up there."

Harvey and Trump reportedly discussed golf for 20 minutes before Trump connected Harvey to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, with whom the "Family Feud" host discussed the funding needs for urban schools, notes The Hollywood Reporter. According to Harvey, the pair has since worked together on a few different occasions to pursue such funding.

Harvey told the publication in September that the meeting only took place because former President Barack Obama's transition team reached out to Harvey's business partner and set it up.

"The Obama team said they thought it would be a good idea because the president is encouraging dialogue," Harvey explained. "And I have a relationship with Obama. We're friends. So I say: 'OK, cool.'"

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He said his wife discouraged him from going in favor of celebrating his birthday.

"God, I should've listened," he added.

Sources close to Harvey's TV show, "Steve," said that the comedian's daytime talk show is falling flat with audiences, and some think that his interaction with the president is to blame.

"The research and the ratings line up, people who were once fans of Steve's just aren't anymore," one source told Daily Mail. "The whole Trump ordeal was a wake up call for many of them and they've decided they just aren't interested in him any longer … And unfortunately for Steve, he was too arrogant to realize the weight of his mistake and never made amends to his loyal followers for it."

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Harvey, who drew controversy in January for making what many called racist comments about Asian men, moved his talk show from Chicago to Los Angeles over the summer, causing production costs to go up while ratings have dropped.

"People just hate the show," said the source. "He wanted to do a late-night feel for the show, but he's on a big stage with a desk and a lot of open space and nothing about the show is engaging or warm. People just aren't into it at all."

The comedian reportedly hired an image expert to help help him win back his fans, though a source said that he initially didn't take her advice. Now, however, he is "working diligently" to gain more followers.

Sources: Daily Mail, Hollywood Reporter / Featured Image: Shealah Craighead/The White House / Embedded Images: Steve Harvey/Twitter (2)

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