Stephen Colbert Endorses His Sister Elizabeth Colbert-Busch for Congress (Video)

Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert recently appeared at a Charleston, South Carolina, fundraiser for his sister Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, who is running for Congress (video below).

According to the Mount Pleasant Patch, Colbert said: “One of the things I thought when Lulu said she was going to be running for Congress is how lucky it would be for the low country and for South Carolina to have her, not just because she is hard working, intelligent, talented and dedicated, but because she’s sane! I’m from South Carolina, but we’re a crazy state! I think we invented crazy.

“But how great would it be to elect a woman from South Carolina? The Republican-controlled House of Representatives can’t even seem to bring themselves to bring the Violence Against Women Act up for a vote! Evidently, violence against women is something too controversial for them to even take a stand on. We need more women and more sensible legislators in Washington.”

If Colbert-Busch wins her primary, she will probably run against former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R), who is attempting a comeback after admitting to adultery in 2009.

Source: Mount Pleasant Patch


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