Stephen Colbert Defends Guns with Hitler's Gun Suicide (Video)


On 'The Colbert Report' last night, host Stephen Colbert discussed the conservative opposition to the UN Arms Treaty (video below).

Colbert warned that the UN was "going after what we hold more precious than our children, our guns."

"I cannot believe the UN approved this thing. Thankfully some have opposed it, namely, North Korea, Iran and Syria, and they have been joined by one brave voice," said Colbert, who then played a clip of a news report about the National Rifle Association also opposing the treaty.

Colbert said that if the U.S. does not sign the treaty, it will Syria, North Korea and Iran: “The Axis of Freedom,” reports

While the U.N. Arms Treaty would make it illegal for countries to send or sell guns to war criminals, Colbert reminded his audience that Adolf Hitler killed himself with a gun.

“If you want to take away Hitler’s gun, you’re really saying you wish Hitler was still alive,” Colbert concluded.

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