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Michigan State Senator Rick Jones Proposes Dissolving City Of Detroit

Michigan State Senator Senator Rick Jones has proposed the possibility of dissolving the city of Detroit into Wayne County.

Jones told CBS Detroit: “If we have to, that is one idea we have to look at. We really have to look at everything that is on the table. Again, if this goes to federal bankruptcy, every employee down there will suffer, the city will suffer and the vultures will come in and take the jewels of Detroit and they will be gone.”

However, Detroit’s ex-communications chief Karen Dumas told Talking to Talk Radio 1270: “No, I don’t think that dissolution is the solution for the city of Detroit. I don’t. I think people … with every step we get more and more fearful … and maybe at some point that’s going to make everybody wake up and realize that we need to stop playing politics and come up with a solution for progress. I don’t know at what point that’s going to happen. “

In an interview on WWJ Newsradio 950 on Wednesday morning, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said: “Detroit needs to solve their problems, but they need support and we’ve been very supportive partners, I believe, in terms of offering different ideas and thoughts. And I just encourage them to work harder about working better together."


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