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State Sen. Jason Rapert: 'We’re Not Going to Allow Minorities to Run Roughshod' (Video)

A 2011 video (below) recently surfaced of Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert going on an angry rant against minorities because President Obama hosted a Ramadan celebration, reports

"I hear you loud and clear, Barack Obama. You don’t represent the country that I grew up with. And your values is not going to save us. We’re going to take this country back for the Lord. We’re going to try to take this country back for conservatism. And we’re not going to allow minorities to run roughshod over what you people believe in," yelled Rapert.

More recently, Rapert was the sponsor of a bill to ban abortion as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, which passed last week in the Arkansas Senate. Rapert’s other ideas include changing the U.S. Constitution to give states control of the federal debt limit and banning parole for all state prisoners.



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