State Republicans Want To Ban 'No-Go Zones' and 'Agenda 21'

Some Republican lawmakers in Tennessee want to ban so-called "no-go zones."

If bills in the state Senate and House pass, the Tennessee attorney general would be authorized to break up "no-go zones," which reportedly don't exist.

The phrase "no-go zone" has been associated with Muslims by Fox News and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

"It could be anti-immigrant. It could be anti-Muslim," Paul Galloway, of the advocacy group American Center for Outreach, told The Tennessean. "It seems to be a combination of both."

State Rep. Susan Lynn, sponsor of the bill in the state House, countered, "You might find it with gang activity, you might find it with organized crime, and of course we have heard that there were some places where it is happening with certain religious groups."

But Tennessee already has laws banning gangs and other groups from harassing people.

Lynn, a Republican, claimed state Sen. Bill Ketron, also a Republican, who sponsored a similar bill in the state Senate, told her that he saw no-go zones "with his own eyes" while visiting Europe.

Meanwhile, some Republican lawmakers in Montana are opposing "Agenda 21," which they claim is an evil United Nations plot to take away American freedoms.

KXFL reports that Montana's House Judiciary Committee recently endorsed a bill that would oppose Agenda 21.

At a hearing, some residents claimed that evidence of Agenda 21's wickedness were Federal Emergency Management Agency environmental rules, socialist coloring books for children and theories of a one-world government that would confiscate guns.

In reality, Agenda 21 is a list of U.N. recommendations for a sustainable future, but has no binding authority in the U.S.

Sources: The Tennessean, KXFL, Tennessee General Assembly Image Credit: Nicholas Mutton via Wikimedia Commons


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