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Texas Official Sparks Controversy With Facebook Post About Bombing 'The Muslim World'

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Sid Miller, the AG Commissioner for the state of Texas, is being criticized for sharing a photo on his social media website that seems to call for the bombing of countries in the Middle East, or the “Muslim world.”

The photo in question showcases an exploding mushroom cloud with a caption that reads “Japan has been at peace with the US since August 9, 1945. It’s time we made peace with the Muslim world.” The post has since been deleted from Miller’s Facebook page, reported. Here's the picture:

Prior to the photo’s removal on Aug. 17, more than 3,000 people “liked” the picture and over 300 comments were sent in response to the photo. At the time of the photo’s posting, Miller was in China on business so it remains unclear who posted the photo and who removed it.

The date listed on the photo refers to when the United States dropped a second atomic bomb on Japan, effectively causing Japan to surrender. An estimated 40,000 to 80,000 people died in the bombing.

According to a spokesman, one of Miller’s staffers shared the photo but it is unclear who did it. Spokesman Todd Smith said Miller has no intention of finding out who shared the photo and no intention of apologizing for it.

“We’re not going to apologize for the posts that show up on our Facebook page,” Smith said. “I don’t know who did it, but I’m not going to start a witch hunt to find out who did.”

Smith also stated that as many as 18 staffers have the log in credentials to Miller’s Facebook page, the Texas Tribune noted.

Since the photo’s posting, many news outlets have referenced Miller’s previous comments about Muslims.

“I do have some long-range concerns as I hold those two grandbabies on my lap, and I happen to wonder: When they have grandbabies to hold in their lap, will we be a socialist country? Will we be a Muslim country?” Miller said while speaking at a Texas Public Policy Foundation forum last year.

Sources:, Texas Tribune

Photo Credit: Sid Miller - Facebook


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