Starbucks Customer Slams Florida Gov. Rick Scott (Video)


Republican Gov. Rick Scott of Florida was slammed by a customer in a Starbucks April 5 in Gainesville, Florida (video below).

“In fact, you cut Medicaid, so I couldn’t get Obamacare,” Cara Jennings told Scott. "You're an a--hole."

Scott blocked Medicaid expansion under Obamacare for the Sunshine State.

“You don’t care about working people," Jennings added. "You should be ashamed to show your face around here.”

Scott told Jennings that he had created one million jobs, and she responded, “A million jobs? Great, who here has a great job? Or is looking forward to finishing school? Do you really feel like you have a job coming up?”

Politifact noted in January that Scott had not actually created one million jobs at the time he claimed he had.

The fact-checking website cited data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that showed private companies adding 1,011,800 jobs in Florida between December 2010 and November 2015, but the state lost 27,300 government jobs, which came out to a gain of 984,500 jobs.

Jennings then slammed Scott for cutting women's "access to public health care."

In March, Scott signed a law that ended state funding for preventive health care services for medical clinics that provide abortions, reported Reuters.

The law doesn't go into effect until July 1, but will likely be challenged in court by the ACLU, which will cost Florida taxpayers.

“Shame on you Rick Scott,” Jennings said. “We depend on those services. Rich people like you don’t know what to do. When poorer people like us need services you cut them. Shame on you Rick Scott. You’re an embarrassment to our state.”

“I saw his profile and I thought, ‘Is that the governor?’” Jennings told WFTS. “I didn’t think about whether I should do it or not. I thought, 'Here’s my chance to tell the governor how I feel about the horrible bill.'”

“A number of people came up to me and thanked me,” Jennings added.

Sources: WFTS, Politifact, Reuters / Photo credit: Stephen Bender/YouTube

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