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Stand with Congressman Neugebauer Against the Baby Killers

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I was on a conference call with Congressman "It's a baby killer" Sunday night during Bart Stupak's speech imploring his members to oppose the Stupak Amendment (in his statement, he wasn't calling Stupak a baby killer; he was saying the healthcare bill is a baby killer. This is true. He also said there was a lot of shouting going on at that moment on both sides of the aisle. His voice just got picked up on mic.

Here's more from Congressman Neugebauer...

One of the reporters on the call asked Neugebauer about decorum. He explained:

The untold story is the amount of speech that has been limited throughout this entire process. We had a 2 hour limit on debate, divided equally between Democrats and Republicans.

Decorum? What I believe is if we have important legislation we should have sufficient time to debate and offer amendments. If we're not going to talk about it or answer any questions, that's not democracy. I believe the proper decorum is for this bill to have been debated on the House floor. I think one of the problems is we have these rules and processes. and what we've done in deny the American people sufficient representation

One thing that upset me is I should have been able to get up and talk about it. So why should I be kept quiet? If I have to speak out in other ways I'm going to do that.

Meanwhile Bart Stupak is becoming a jerk. Neugebauer said on the call he had apologized to Stupak and explained the situation, and Stupak had accepted his apology. But now, Steny Hoyerdonations. I just gave $30. Please consider donating what you can. I'm sure any amount will be appreciated.


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