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Spicer Fabricates Islamic Terror Attack On Atlanta


White House press secretary Sean Spicer has repeatedly mentioned Atlanta as a city hit by Islamic terrorism, even though there hasn't been such an attack on that city.

Although Spicer hasn't mentioned a specific case, he has consistently alluded to Atlanta when talking about cities that have been hit by terrorist attacks, such as Boston and San Bernardino, California, according to The Daily Beast.

"I don’t think you have to look any further than the families of the Boston Marathon, in Atlanta, in San Bernardino to ask if we can go further," Spicer said during a Jan. 29 White House press briefing. "There’s obviously steps that we can and should be taking, and I think the president is going to continue do to what he can to make sure that this country is as safe as possible."

That same day, Spicer appeared on ABC and again mentioned Atlanta.

“What do we say to the family that loses somebody over a terroristic, to whether it’s Atlanta or San Bernardino or the Boston bomber?” he told "This Week."

And Spicer did it again on Jan. 30 when he appeared on MSNBC.

"Too many of these cases that have happened, whether you’re talking about San Bernardino, Atlanta, they’ve happened, Boston," he said.

But Seamus Hughes, the deputy director of George Washington University’s Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, said Spicer is wrong about Georgia's largest city.

"There has not been a successful jihadi terror attack in Atlanta," Hughes told The Daily Beast.

Atlanta had terrorist bombings during the 1990s, but those attacks were by Christian terrorist Eric Rudolph, who set off a bomb in Atlanta when the city hosted the 1996 Olympic Games, reported CNN.

Rudolph also pleaded guilty to bombing two abortion clinics and a lesbian bar.

"Abortion is murder," Rudolph said in a letter admitting his guilt. "And when the regime in Washington legalized, sanctioned and legitimized this practice, they forfeited their legitimacy and moral authority to govern."

Rudolph killed three people in the blasts, including an off-duty police officer, and wounded several others.

Sources: The Daily Beast, ABC News, MSNBC, CNN (2) / Photo credit: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post

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