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Speak Up, P.M. Harper

What was once unthinkable is now happening. 

For decades many Western nations had bought in to the concept of multiculturalism.  The idea that a free and democratic society could survive - flourish, even - by encouraging immigrants to keep their own customs and traditions after arriving was the crown jewel of the progressives. 

Warnings of the inevitable dangers were met with disdain and condemnation.  The 'racist' card beat down those who dared oppose the utopian ideology.

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Angela Merkel

The expected damage has now become too much to ignore.  Last year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made international headlines by declaring 'multi culti' as a failure.  The reaction was no surprise, as many shrugged off her words as some sort of World War II leftover.  A television pundit went so far as to blame Germany itself for the failure, as apparently they are "...inherently prejudiced...".

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David Cameron

But when British P.M. David Cameron echoed Merkel's claim with a scathing speech he presented earlier this year, it gave credibility to the issue.  More than that, many of us became impressed that our leaders had finally started to admit the truth even at the possible expense of votes in our overly politically-correct world.

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Nicolas Sarkozy

Now, suave French president Nicolas Sarkozy(have you seen his wife?) has caught the wave and has spoken the obvious: multiculturalism has failed.

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