South Nyack Killer Samir Zada Will Be Deported to Jordon After Spending 40 Years Behind Bars


Samir Zada, a notorious killer who spent 40 years in prison for murder, has been released to be deported back to his native country of Jordan.

Zada has been kept behind bars on his sentence of 25 years to life for the 1973 murder of Jerry Stout. After consistently being denied early release, he was paroled on Feb. 24 into the custody of immigration officials "for deportation only,” the Journal News reports.

Zada and his brothers earned infamy for bringing drugs, violence, and murder to the streets of South Nyack in the 1970s.

Zada will be free in his home country.

"I wanted him to remain in prison," said Kenneth Gribetz, the former Rockland District Attorney who prosecuted the Zada brothers. "He was the last person I wanted to meet with. I hope he doesn't get back into this country and is put behind bars in Jordan. He's threatened my life and the life of others. The others have died. I am the last guy standing."

Zada was convicted of two murders committed when he was 17 years old. The first victim was plumber Christian Gunther. Zada and two accomplices lured Gunther to their home, drove him to a state park, and shot him, stealing $90. Two weeks later, Zada murdered Jerry Stout, a dance instructor whom he targeted at a gay bar. He and two other thugs beat Stout and then shot him, stealing a $20 glass ring that Zada thought was a real diamond and wanted to sell.

Both of Zada’s brothers were also convicted of horrific crimes: Amer Zada, the youngest, of brutally stabbing a woman and sexually assaulting her body, and Nazir Zada, the now-deceased middle brother, of pimping and weapons possession. The trio’s father, Baker Zada, also served time for felony assault and shooting a police officer.

"The Zada brothers and family were all somewhat infamous," said Rockland County Undersheriff Robert Van Cura, a former South Nyack police chief. "He's a very dangerous guy. This certainly won't make the community safer. If he's deported, that negates some of that concern here."

Sources: Journal News, New York Daily News


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