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South Carolina State Rep. Bill Chumley Wants to Criminalize Obamacare

South Carolina State Rep. Bill Chumley has written a bill for the 2013 legislative session that would criminalize the implementation of President Obama's 2010 healthcare reform law, also known as Obamacare.

If his bill becomes law, any state official caught enforcing Obamacare "must be fined not more than one thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than two years, or both."

Federal officials caught enforcing the law would be "guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, must be fined not more than five thousand dollars, or imprisoned not more than five years, or both."

Chumley told"I think we're within our rights to do this. It's an obligation, I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and protect the people."

"If we don't do something now, when do we? It's a sad situation that the government put us in... an unpleasant task you have to do from time to time. I feel very, very good about support. I don't think it'll be a really hard sell."

UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh told that State Rep. Bill Chumley's law "would be clearly un-enforceable, because the federal law, upheld by the Supreme Court, trumps state law."


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