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South Carolina Republican Sends Out Confederate Flag Christmas Card

Republican South Carolina state Rep. Chris Corley recently sent a Christmas card to his GOP colleagues that featured a picture of the Confederate flag before it was removed from the Statehouse grounds in Columbia earlier this year.

Corley's card stated: "May your Christmas be filled with memories of a happier time when South Carolina’s leaders possessed morals, convictions and the principles to stand for what is right,” reports The Post and Courier.

“May you have a blessed Christmas, and may you take this joyous time as an opportunity to ask for forgiveness of all your sins such as betrayal,” the card added.

“This is Cocytus, the ninth circle, the fourth and last great water of Hell, and here fixed in the ice, each according to his guilt, are punished sinners guilty of treachery against those who they are bound to by special ties,” Corley's card also stated.

​The lawmaker declared the card was a joke, and lashed out at his critics on Dec. 3.

“I sent out a Christmas card,” Corley said. “If you felt the card pointed out a hypocrisy that you had in terms of not listening to the people you represent and just voting the way you wanted to vote because you were caught up in the moment, then that’s more on your guilty conscious than it is newsworthy.”

“If somebody’s feelings are legitimately hurt about that Christmas card, I think that might speak more to their conscience than the content of the card,” the lawmaker added.

Corey strongly supported the Confederate flag when lawmakers voted to take it down in July after a mass shooting in Charleston at an African-American church.

​Corley pre-filed a bill on Dec. 3 that would allow voters to decide if the Confederate flag will be returned the Statehouse grounds during the 2016 general election, notes WLTX.

Sources: The Post and Courier, WLTX / Photo Credit: Billy Hathorn/Wikimedia

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