South Carolina Republican Defends South in Civil War (Video)

South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright recently compared the U.S. Civil War to a domestic dispute in which the slave-owning South was the victim.

Bright gave his speech this week during a debate about the state’s annual budget, which has nothing to do with the Civil War (video below).

“Basically folks in the North decided that kind of like a marriage, the South had decided it wanted to separate, and the North said, ‘We’re not going to separate, and if you want to separate, we’re just going to kill you,’" claimed Bright, noted RawStory.com.

“That’s kind of how that worked out but that side’s never told in our history books because if you, um, Napoleon... Napoleon, one of my favorite quotes that Napoleon said was that ‘history is the agreed-upon fable,’” added Bright.

Later, Bright claimed that South Carolina is subsidizing “pornography” in a K-12 program because it includes the graphic novel "Fun Home," which is only being taught in colleges.

"Fun Home" is about a woman coming to terms with her closeted gay father’s suicide.

A musical play version of the book was performed in April at the College of Charleston, which Bright also opposed, noted The Washington Post.

Bright is running against fellow Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham for his U.S. Senate seat in November.

Sources: The Washington Post and RawStory.com


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