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Sources Reveal 'Friction' Between Melania And Ivanka In The White House


There’s no doubt that Melania and Ivanka Trump are President Donald Trump’s key women in his life.

Both women are also fashionable, glamorous, and smart.

But according to a source, the stepmother and stepdaughter’s warm relationship for the past 20 years have become more challenging during their White House years.

Sources say that the two women are currently “cordial, but not close” to each other. The ‘shaky alliance’ is also reportedly caused by months of overlapping objectives, events, trips, and interaction with the US President according to “Free Melania: The Unauthorized Biography.”

Stephanie Grisha, the First Lady’s spokeswoman, also tells CNN that the stepmother and stepdaughter have “always shared a close relationship and still do today.”

The First Lady’s first major solo trip was to the African continent, just like her stepdaughter’s. Melania was also the first one who introduced expertly produced mini-videos of events of hers. Ivanka is also making her own short-films, narrated with voice-overs and layered with music.

During presidential trips, whenever the First Lady comes, the profile of the First Daughter also diminishes and vice versa.

Ivanka and Melania are no doubt switching between front and back seats in the president’s orbit.

Trump’s presidential campaign shifted the family’s life to politics, changing the dynamics. The First Lady was uninterested in the campaign’s constant travel and hoped to maintain some sort of normalcy for her son with Donald Trump and therefore remained for the most of the campaign in New York.

On the other hand, Ivanka Trump stepped into her stepmother’s space during the campaign trail. A seasoned public speaker, she stepped up to the role of senior advisor to her father.

The two women are continually splitting the traditional roles of female counterparts of male politicians. However, both women have the president’s ear and are the only two administration members with freedom and total job security power.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Google

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