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Trump's State Of The Union Most Tweeted Ever

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President Donald Trump's 2018 State of the Union address delivered Jan. 30 is the most tweeted one ever.

"Tonight’s speech just became the most Tweeted #SOTU or #JointSession address, surpassing last year's total," Twitter announced shortly after Trump finished his speech.

All together, the address brought in a total of 4.5 million tweets, WABC-TV reports. Within an hour of the speech, it broke the former record of 3 million -- which was set by Trump's 2017 joint session address.

Social media users especially tweeted about Trump's proposals for immigration reform, discussion of the MS-13 gang, and comments about standing for the national anthem.

Trump, former President Barack Obama, House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi were the most-tweeted-about people.

News of the Twitter results thrilled many Trump fans.

"Trump killed it and all of you left wing liberal democrats are furious over this!" wrote one person on ABC7NY's Facebook post about the news. "Best POTUS EVER! Y’all got 7 more years of crying and butt hurt to go thru!"

"Because it was great !!" added a second.

"He was amazing," wrote another person on Twitter. "He did it. God bless him!!"

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Yet not everybody was convinced the data reflected positively upon Trump.

"A week from now Trump will have tweeted so much BS, that the SOTU address will be a distant memory," wrote one.

"How many people did he have to pay to make that happen?" added another on ABC 7 Chicago's Facebook share.

Others wondered how many of those tweets were actually criticisms of the president.

"It was NOT Love being tweeted that set this record," commented one, which seemed to match the flavor of many other comments.

Trump's State of the Union Address itself certainly prompted a mixed range of Twitter responses as the president delivered it.

"Just to be clear: Trump brought out a grieving family to use as a part of a political performance meant to demonize immigrants as being inherently violent when the research clearly shows that immigrants, both documented & undocumented, commit less crime than native born Americans," tweeted Clint Smith, an incarceration, education, and inequality expert.

However, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll tweeted by CBS' News Elections and Surveys Director Anthony Salvanto, 75 percent of speech watchers approved of Trump's messages.

While it is possible those numbers are skewed by the fact more Republicans than Democrats reportedly watched the speech, 43 percent of Democrats watching the speech are said to have liked it.

"Tonight, I owe Donald Trump an apology," tweeted Frank Luntz, an American political consultant best known for helping various Republican causes deliver messages and talking points. "Tonight, I was moved and inspired. Tonight, I have hope and faith in America again. It may go away tomorrow…But tonight, America is great again."

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