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Is Michelle Obama Copying Malia's Style? (Photo)

Michelle Obama's Church Outfit Sparks Controversy (Photos) Promo Image

Is former first lady Michelle Obama taking fashion advice from former first daughter Malia?

That's what some are wondering after Michelle posted an Instagram photo where she is sporting an outfit similar to her daughter's, reports Inquisitr.

"Couldn't be more excited for these phenomenal women I met at #CollegeSigningDay," read Michelle's caption. "Keep up the great work and congrats on @stepthemovie!"

Michelle joined former "America’s Got Talent" host, Nick Cannon, in celebrating College Signing Day in New York on July 24, an event that recognizes those starting college nationwide.

For the occasion, Michelle wore skinny jeans, bangles and a pair of gray Converse low-top sneakers.

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The outfit immediately drew attention after some pointed out Malia also wore skinny jeans and the same Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers while doing her internship.

But perhaps the look was never really Malia's to begin with.

"We’re not really sure who started wearing the [sneakers] first, but given they’ve been around for decades, we’d venture a guess that it was Michelle," wrote Penny Goldstone for Marie Claire.

Regardless of who started the trend, many loved how Michelle looked.

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"So beautiful, we miss you [Michelle Obama]," wrote one Instagram user.

"Michelle you're such a beautiful woman inside and out!" commented another. "You're such an inspiration for all the young girls out there that are not being validated enough!"

Some disapproved of the former first lady's outfit.

"Wow!" wrote an Inquistr reader. "She is a piece of work. Converse sneakers at her age. I wore them in 6th grade."

Others were quick to defend Michelle.

"Let her [wear] what she wants!" wrote another. "She is probably tired of dressing up everyday for 8 years under public scrutiny. I know when I don't have to dress up for work with heels, etc. I wear jeans, sweats and shorts. And no makeup!"

"Let her wear what she wants and breathe," the commenter added. "I can't imagine being in the public eye for 8 years. The pressure must have been incredible."

Despite the comments, Michelle has not always opted for casual outfits since leaving the White House.

Michelle went for a high-fashion look in a cut-out dress by Cushnie et Ochs and leather pumps by Gianvito Rossi at the 2017 ESPYs on July 13, reports Footwear News.

Obama rarely wore Gianvito Rossi in the White House, generally choosing Jimmy Choo heels, noted Footwear News. The site noted she's now embracing trends more fully, pointing out she accessorized that particular outfit with script earrings a root ring by American jeweler Jennifer Fisher.

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