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Soldier's POV: What is it Like Serving in Iraq and Afghanistan?

And speaking of Paul, here's a video, courtesy of AK Senator Lisa Murkowski's "Veteran Spotlight" program, wherein he discusses his time serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. I've known Paul for almost fifteen years now, and still remember when he enlisted shortly after 9/11 and shipped out the following summer.

I still remember the pinch I'd feel in my chest whenever his wife sent out an update e-mail, hoping for the best, fearing for the worst.

I'm of course hugely grateful that he's been back home safe and sound for a few years now, and we were able to pick up our nerdy movie/pop culture conversations right where we left off without missing a step, but one thing I've never had/taken the opportunity to do is just talk to him about what serving in two warzones was like. What he experienced. How he changed. Thus, I found this vid extremely informative, insightful, and even emotional. It's about fifteen minutes, but it's well worth a watch in its entirety.


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