Navy SEAL Parents Angered By Obama's Post-Press Conference Golf Game

The parents of a Navy SEAL Team Six member who was killed in Afghanistan have written a public to letter to U.S. President Barack Obama urging him to resign from office, saying that he is “not up to this job.”

Billy and Karen Vaughn signed the letter that was published Monday in the World Tribune. The Vaughns' son, Aaron Carson Vaughn, was killed in August 2011 when his Chinook helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan. 

Vaughn’s unit, SEAL Team Six, is best known as the group that carried out the May 2011 raid in Pakistan that killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

The Vaughns began their letter saying they recently viewed the violent video depicting the beheading of American journalist James Foley by Islamic Staete militants.

“I have been left with a level of rage known only to those of us who have sacrificed unspeakable offerings on the altar of world peace,” the letter reads. “My offering was my only son — Aaron Carson Vaughn.

“As Commander-in-Chief, your actions — or lack thereof — Mr. President, cost lives,” the letter continues before launching into an attack on the president’s nonchalance in the face of world crises. 

“As you bumble about in your golf cart, slapping on a happy face and fist-pounding your buddies, your cowardly lack of leadership has left a gaping hole — not only in America’s security — but the security of the entire globe,” the Vaughns allege. “Your message has come across loud and clear, sir: You are not up to this job. You know it. We know it. The world knows it.

“Please vacate the people’s house and allow a man or woman of courage and substance to seize the reigns of this out-of-control thug-fest and regain the balance we, America, have provided throughout our great history,” they urge.

Much of that criticism stems from Obama’s decision to play golf following a press conference concerning the Foley video. Billy Vaughn told the Daily Mail that even Obama’s behavior at the press conferences was off-putting.

“I'd like to see him have some passion about anything going on in the world instead of just speaking in a monotone voice like he has a script that has been made up,” he said.

But others argue that Obama was right to play golf that day on Martha’s Vineyard. 

A column from The Daily Beast, written by Daniel Hill, argues presidents need downtime and, perhaps more importantly, they need to show that the actions of a few don’t significantly alter the plans of a world leader.

“Is it possible that the president’s national security team made the decision that he play golf that day?” Hill wrote. “Perhaps it was they who suggested that he go out there and show the world, and especially the terrorists, that he — and we — will not be taken out of our lives by their atrocious acts?”

Hill went on to point out that Obama made a personal phone call to the Foleys prior to that press conference and that no one knows — or deserves to know — what was said. 

“It is possible that he explained that he was going to go on with his vacation and that it is in no way meant to show any disrespect to their family or their brave son,” Hill argued.

The Vaughns likely wouldn’t agree.

“It’s time for you to step down and allow a true leader to restore our honor and protect our sons and daughters,” they wrote. “America has always been exceptional. And she will be again. You, Mr. President, are a bump in our road.”

Sources: World Tribune, Daily Mail, The Daily Beast

Photo Source: YouTube


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