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Socialist Meeting Tries to Stop Conservative Blogger From Filming (Video)

Conservative blogger Dan Sandini recently tried to film a public meeting at Portland State University (PSU) that was sponsored by the International Socialist Organization.

However, before the meeting began on June 12 some of the participants recognized Sandini and called the campus police (video below).

Sandini wrote on his blog:

On Thursday evening I decided to attend and film an event called “The Edifice Complex – A critique of how Capitalism Affects the Built Environment.” Held at Portland State University (PSU), this was an event open to the public. I went to sit and peacefully film.

A campus police officer, Sgt. Robert McCleary, told the group that Sandini could film because it was "an open meeting."

“We don’t allow known right-wing bloggers to tape our events,” one woman told Sgt. McCleary, noted Campus Reform.

Several attendees called Sandini names and tried to block his camera shot by standing in front of him and placing their hands in front of his camera.

After Sandini stood up to film, the group called the meeting off.

“Now this event isn’t open anymore, because we’re going to close this room, we’re going to lock it," announced Sgt. McCleary.

As the attendees walked out of the room, they chanted at Sandini, who was still filming them,  “Harassment isn’t free speech.”

Some people called Sandini names and gave him the finger.

Sources: and Campus Reform


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