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SNL Doesn't Mention Abortion During Health Care Sketch

Last night "Saturday Night Live" opened with a parody featuring VP big mouth Joe Biden.

The Huffington Post thought the skit noteworthy because it "comes down on [the] Obama administration for caving on [the] public option."

I think it's noteworthy for not mentioning the clearly biggest problem liberals wanting to pass a socialized healthcare bill have: public funded abortion. That's because abortion isn't funny.

Hardcore pro-aborts like Amanda Marcotte love abortion humor because they think it destigmatizes and normalizes abortion.

Well, pro-aborts like Amanda got no satisfaction from SNL last night. This skit, which has its truly lol moments, would have been drug down by discussion of the A-word, and writers knew it.

FYI, the section on healthcare begins at 2:38...


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