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'Slap Hillary' Web Game Returns to GOP Super PAC Website

A GOP Super PAC called "The Hillary Project" recently posted a “Slap Hillary” video game online in which players are supposed to slap the former U.S. Secretary of State across the face.

According to, Slap Hillary was originally created in 2000 by Marie Poe. The game was revived in 2008 and has returned to

The Hillary Project's game section also includes the “Street Fight: Obama vs Hillary” game from 2008 and the “Dancing Hillary” game where users “make Hillary sweat by joining thousands opposing her presidency.”

The one person identified on the The Hillary Project's public filings is Christopher M. Marston, who was an Assistant Secretary of Education under President George W. Bush and a treasurer for the pro-Rick Santorum Red, White, and Blue fund in 2012.

The Hillary Project's Internet domain is registered with a proxy, hiding the name of the person who owns the site.



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