Six Ways to Cut the Fat


In their January Budget, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government laid out its fiscal plan for dealing with the national economy's continued slow recovery.

While the Harper Tories should be lauded for continuing to lead the G20 towards the light at the end of the tunnel by moving into year two of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's Economic Action Plan, there are some troubling issues with their methods.

The entire concept of using the 'dig your way out of a hole' concept to battle the global economic meltdown - Western governments agreeing, conservatives and liberals alike, to spend our way out of debt - feels like a situation where short term gain will be paid with a huge, perhaps insurmountable period of long term pain.

As a raving fiscal conservative, I abhor any government that creates huge debt and deficits, particularly one that sells itself as rightwing. However, the Harper government has began to take steps in the right direction, looking to trim wasteful spending put into such black holes as our national long-gun registry.

But there are other, more radical - and in my mind, common sense - cuts that could and should be made in the interest of getting our economy back into good health. Of course, some of these suggestions may not be popular. Some may actually make some heads explode…

1) Privatize the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The most obvious, in my mind. The amount of tax dollars that Canada's most biased media entity sucks from federal coffers would be easier to take if they focused on reporting the news instead of creating it. Never anything more than a government-funded Canadian PBS, the CBC stands as a national symbol to millions of my countrymen, who often cry that our very identity is wrapped in the CBC's broadcast signal. If the network is as good as their supporters say, wouldn't the CBC be able to stand alone without our dollars? You'd think for the money they'd be able to make shows that were somewhat watchable. I mean, $1.1 Billion a year for Little Mosque on the Prairie and David F**king Suzuki?

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2) End the Flawed Multiculturalism Policy.

Cultures are not created by bureaucrats, politicians, or governments. Create a new system that puts patriotism and allegiance to Canada first and foremost. End hyphenated Canadians.

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3) Bring Back Capital Punishment.

It costs between $62 and up per day to keep a prisoner in jail in Canada. For a life sentence, that could mean thousands. Electricity is much cheaper.

4) Drop the GST to 4%.

Shave another 1% off of the federal Goods and Services Tax. Less money for the government, more money for us. Deal.

5) End Official Bilingualism.

Millions of dollars spent to appease roughly 25% of our population, located mostly in one province, so that they feel wanted and special. Spend the money on English classes for Quebecers instead. (Heads now exploding in Rimouski…)

6) Decriminalize and Regulate Marijuana.

Want to make up for the lost funds from GST cuts? Want to make up for the dwindling tax dollars from smokers who have quit/died? Hell, the West Coast could bail us out all by themselves…


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