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Six Colorado Republican Candidates Deny Global Warming (Video)

Six Colorado Republican candidates recently denied that man-made global warming exists.

The Republicans are running for the GOP nomination to face Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) in November, notes (video below).

The GOP hopefuls (Mark Aspiri, Ken Buck, Owen Hill, Tom Janich, Amy Stephens, Floyd Trujillo) all denied climate change science during a debate yesterday hosted by the Denver Post.

The candidates were asked by the moderator, "Do you believe our planet is being impacted by man-made global warming?”

Each candidate answered "no."

If the candidates were trolling for votes, they answered incorrectly as a poll by the  Yale Project on Climate Change Communication in 2013 stated, "Most Coloradans (70%) believe global warming is happening. Relatively few — only 19% — believe it is not. • Nearly half (48%) believe global warming is caused mostly by human activities."

Sen. Udall believes that man-made climate change is real, as do most scientists.

In 2009, CNN reported that 90 percent of the scientists agreed that global temperatures have risen compared to pre-1800s levels and 82 percent said human activity has been a significant factor.

In addition to denying man-made global warming, all six GOPers opposed Obamacare, same-sex marriage and raising the minimum wage, noted the Associated Press.

Sources: CNN, Yale Project on Climate Change Communication,, Denver Post, Associated Press


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