Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams Wants Irish-America's Help


WASHINGTON --- Sinn Fein
President Gerry Adams spoke in Washington,
DC today regarding his plans to host two conferences in the U.S. in
June designed to engage Irish Americans in the pursuit of an independent, united
Ireland under the terms of the Good Friday

Addressing the National Press Club, Mr. Adams stated that Sinn
Fein is currently engaged in an outreach to the Irish diaspora
throughout the world regarding the best way to achieve a united
Ireland and will bring this effort to New
York and San Francisco in June. He said that
after consultation with the worldwide diaspora, Sinn Fein
expects to publish a plan of action.

Mr. Adams spoke in the aftermath of the violence in Northern
Ireland last week, which he denounced as an attack on the peace
process and the Good Friday Agreement. But he made clear it will
not deter Sinn Fein from its course -- the pursuit of a united
Ireland by peaceful, democratic means consistent with the
Good Friday Agreement. (photo courtesy of the Daily Mail)



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