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Singing Protesters Arrested in Wisconsin State Capitol (Video)

Over one hundred protesters showed up on Thursday night for a singing protest in the Wisconsin capitol where about 29 were arrested.

A Wisconsin judge ruled on July 8 that any group over 20 people must obtain a permit before demonstrating in the capitol.

The protesters were performing a “Solidarity Sing-Along” in which they crooned lyrics that were critical of Republicans, including Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, noted The Associated Press (video below).

On Wednesday, a group of 24 singing protesters were arrested.  The big turnout on Thursday was in response to those arrests.

The singing protesters have had a daily demonstration in the capitol for over two years, notes The Associated Press.

Police have delivered daily warnings to the singing protesters since the July 11th, but started enforcing the judge's ruling on Wednesday.

“People are just trying to stand up for what they believe is right. Every time they do something, the crowd doubles. Every time they threaten the people, it brings more out of the woodwork," protester Paul Sopko Jr. told The Associated Press.

Source: The Associated Press


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