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Silicon Valley CEO Carl Gaurdino Lobby Congress to Act On Immigration Reform

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After a meeting with House GOP whip Kevin McCarthy, Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO Carl Guardino said Silicon Valley leaders will lobby House lawmakers to pass a comprehensive immigration bill.

Guardino brought a small group of 12 CEOs and eight executives to meet and lobby 56 members of Congress.

“We are going to see deliberative and thoughtful action in the House when they reconvene in September and October,” Guardino said. “I would bet on it.”

The recess will give advocates a chance to focus on key districts, according to Guardino. The House bill could improve upon allowing H-1B visas for temporary high-skilled workers. The current Senate bill would increase the annual limit of those visas from 65,000 to 180,000, though it would restrict the number available to each company and increase filing fees.

Guardino is confident in California Democrat Zoe Lofgren’s representation of technological companies in the bill, who is one of seven lawmakers negotiating for technology.

“She’s going to nail the provisions for high-tech in that bill,” Guardino said.

While visas for high-skilled immigrants are a priority for Silicon Valley companies, however, Guardino said that leaders are also seeking more than a bill that benefits those workers alone.

Sources: SF Gate, Bloomberg


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