Shocker: Ron Paul Top GOP Choice by Christians

Publish date: is working to identify who conservative Christians think is the best, true Christian candidate to become the newest Republican Presidential challenger. 

A true Christian candidate is one who professes faith in Jesus Christ and upholds biblical doctrines and morality, especially regarding traditional marriage and the sanctity of life.

"While this poll is not scientific, and does not constitute an endorsement, it does reflect the passion among those who are engaged from a Christian conservative grassroots perspective," commented Dr. Gary Cass, Chairman and CEO of 

Recent polls have all indicated various frontrunners, including Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. But surprisingly, there was a different winner in's online poll.

The results of's poll has Sarah Palin in third position with 5%, Michelle Bachmann was the runner up, with 16%, and in a last minute surprise, Congressman Ron Paul surged ahead and received the most support in the poll, 57%. is dedicated to defending Christ, Christians, and the faith by proclaiming Truth in the public square.


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