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Senators Rubio, Cotton Call For Increased Defense Spending In Budget

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On Tuesday, Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton introduced a budget amendment to boost defense spending.

The proposed amendment would, according to Rubio, replace the 2016 fiscal year budget numbers with the projected numbers that were included in former Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ 2012 defense budget. Rubio, a potential presidential candidate for 2016, called Gates’ budget “the last defense budget ... that was put together solely on the assessment of the threats we face.”

“I believe defense spending is the most important obligation of the federal government,” he said. “This is the worst possible time to be reducing our defense spending ... and we are setting ourselves up for danger.”

The 2012 budget projected that $661 billion would be needed in fiscal year 2016 for defense, including a base budget of $611 billion. Cotton argued that the base budget may not be enough considering recent threats like ISIS and Russia.

“But that's not enough,” Cottton said. “As the national defense panel said itself, at $611 billion, that projection is not enough." 

Source: The Hill

Photo Credit:, U.S. Marine Corps


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