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Senator Mitch McConell: Preventing Corporations From Having Same Rights As People "Absurd"

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is calling a proposed amendment that would prevent corporations from having the same rights as people “absurd.”

As noted by Raw Story, McConnell was talking to the American Enterprise Solution when he made the comments, and he accused the Obama administration of using a “culture of intimidation” to interfere with corporate free speech.

“Well you have to give (the Obama administration) some points for not hiding it,” McConnell said. “They are uncomfortable with corporate free speech obviously.”

“They were not uncomfortable with corporate free speech when corporations that owned newspapers or television stations were engaging in it. They only become uncomfortable with it when the Supreme Court said, why should there be a carve out for corporations that own the media outlet and for no one else?”

Those last comments made by McConnell came when he was asked to clarify his stance on whether Congress should be able to limit corporate influence in elections.

I’ve heard plenty of Democrat and Republican voters talking about the problem of “bought out” politicians lately. But as long as people like McConnell defend a corporation's right to essentially buy a candidate an election win, we’ll keep seeing the same thing.

Somewhere in Massachusetts Mitt Romney is sipping on Dom Perignon and nodding in agreement with McConnell.

Source: Raw Story


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