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Sen. Tim Scott Refuses to Endorse Sen. Lindsey Graham For Reelection

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Tea Party member Sen. Tim Scott refused to back fellow South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham for reelection Wednesday, after multiple inquiries from CNN’s “Crossfire” host Van Jones.

"I’m certainly going to work really hard for Tim Scott reelection," Scott replied at first.

After attempting to work with Democrats on immigration reform and teasing his far-right colleagues over the government shutdown, the senior senator has faced great criticism from the Tea Party.

Graham’s challenger, South Carolina state Sen. Lee Bright, once called Graham a “community organizer for the Muslim Brotherhood” after he took a trip to Egypt with Sen. John McCain.

When Jones asked about an endorsement a second time, Graham replied that he would allow other members on the ballot to represent themselves well.

After a third and final inquiry, Scott persisted with his first answer, noting that he would work hard for his own reelection.

During the episode Jones also asked if Scott thought his party was on the wrong side of history in terms of marriage equality. Scott assured Jones that he was a member of a loving and open party that is big enough to tolerate disagreement.

Sen. Ben Cardin also challenged Scott, insisting that anyone who spoke out in the party would be reprimanded.

"Your seatmate in South Carolina has challenges because he has reached across party lines to work together,” Cardin said. “Is that the Republican Party that we have today?"

Scott replied that there will always be people within the party who disagree with the majority, but that those opinions will not stop the GOP from helping America move forward.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Time


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