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Sen. Ted Cruz To Volunteers: 'Strap On The Full Armor Of God' Against Future Attacks

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas gave his campaign volunteers a Biblical-sounding warning during a conference call on Dec. 31, 2015.

"I want to tell everyone to get ready, strap on the full armor of God, get ready for the attacks that are coming," Cruz said, notes The Washington Post.

"Come the month of January we ain’t seen nothing yet," Cruz added.

The conference call included a fundraising part where supporters could donate to the campaign via their phones. Cruz's campaign said it raised almost $20 million in the last quarter.

"There is a very good possibility that the Republican primary will be decided by the end of March," Cruz told supporters. He noted that they are in a "90-day sprint to win this nomination."

According to TheBlaze, Cruz asked his supporters to donate in order to raise $15,000 in one day.

He also predicted: “Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks in politics who are not constrained by what they view as quaint notions of the truth."

"They believe particularly as you get close to an election day, that they can just toss out any lie, any attack and the attack will do its damage before anyone discovers that it’s not true."

"So I want everyone here to get ready, because that is coming, and it’s coming with a ferocity none of us has ever seen.”

Sources: The Washington Post, TheBlaze / Photo Credit: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia

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