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Sen. Ted Cruz: Syria Situation Is Distracting From Benghazi Attack

Even as the Syria situation becomes more volatile with each passing day, one prominent Republican is calling on the Obama administration to deal with an incident that happened about a year ago, Think Progress reported.

During a television appearance over the weekend, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said that the investigation into the Benghazi attack that took place on Sept. 11, 2012 needs be finished in order to help with counter-terrorism efforts.

This is what Cruz had to say:

One of the problems with all of this focus on Syria is it’s missing the ball from what we should be focused on, which is the grave threat from radical Islamic terrorism. Just this week is the one year anniversary of the attack on Benghazi. In Benghazi, four Americans were killed, including the first ambassador since 1979. When it happened, the President promised to hunt down the wrongdoers, and yet a few months later, the issue has disappeared. You don’t hear the President mention it. Now it’s a phony scandal; we ought to be defending U.S. national security and going after radical Islamic terrorists.

Other Republicans have brought up Benghazi recently. Rep. Jeff Duncan argued with Secretary of State John Kerry last week about the issue. Duncan started discussing Benghazi during the middle of a conversation about the Syria initiative.

“We’re talking about people being killed by gas and you want to go talk about Benghazi,” Kerry said. “So let’s draw the proper distinction here, Congressman. We don’t deserve to drag this into yet another Benghazi discussion when the real issue here is whether or not the Congress is going to stand up for international norms with respect to dictators that have only been broken twice until [Syrian President Bashar] Assad: Hitler and Saddam Hussein. And if we give license to somebody to continue that, shame on us.”

Sources: Think Progress, The Huffington Post


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