Sen. Ted Cruz Supports Government Shut Down, Blaming Obama (Audio)


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and other Tea Party members are strongly advocating a shut down of the U.S. government in late September for the sole purpose of stopping Obamacare.

Sen. Cruz pushed for a filibuster of the Continuing Resolution on July 30, while speaking to the Heritage Foundation, noted

If the filibuster against the Continuing Resolution is successful, it would shut down much of the U.S. government, including Obamacare.

However, last week Sen. Cruz tried to blame any future shut down of the U.S. government on President Obama (audio below).

According to, Sen. Cruz told Newsmax TV: "At that point we have to stand up and win the argument and say to the American people, 'No, we voted to fund the government, but why is Barack Obama threatening to shut down the government?'"

"...I think shut down is a misnomer. What it is in fact is a partial, temporary shut down because Social Security checks continue to flow, the military continues to be paid, the national debt continues to be serviced."

"If there's no Continuing Resolution in effect, then what happens is non-essential government functions are temporarily suspended. Now that's inconvenient, but we actually see that every single week on the weekends," added Sen. Cruz.

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