Sen. Ted Cruz Repeats Scary UN Conspiracy Theory, Iowa Parents Applaud (Video)


Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, recently told the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators that the United Nations was trying to take away their parenting rights.

According to, Cruz falsely claimed that the Convention on the Rights of the Child would somehow allow the United Nations to make parenting decisions for American adults (video below).

“We need to do everything humanly possible to prevent ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child," said Cruz. "Nothing in international law, nothing in any treaty should be used as a backdoor vehicle to undermine the rights of every parent here to raise your children consistent with your faith, with your good judgement and the love you have for your children."

The conspiracy theories about the Convention on the Rights of the Child started with the late Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C., and have been pushed by conservative groups such as the Heritage Foundation and The Home School Legal Defense Association.

According to, Michael Farris, head of the HSLDA, falsely claimed in 2012, "My kid wears glasses, now they’re disabled, now the UN gets control over them. My child’s got a mild case of ADHD, now you’re under control of the UN treaty. There’s no definitional standard, it can change over time, and the UN, not American policymakers, are the ones who get it decided."

In reality, the Convention on the Rights of the Child calls for ending the abuse and exploitation of children, including the death penalty.

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