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Sen. Ted Cruz: President Must Begin Day On Knees Before God (Video)

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas claimed on Nov. 6 that the President of the United States must begin every day on his knees in front of God, or that president is not fit to serve (video below).

Cruz, who is running for president, made his statement during an on-stage interview with Pastor Kevin Swanson at the National Religious Liberties Conference in Des Moines, Iowa, reports

Cruz had previously brushed off a question by CNN's Jake Tapper about appearing with Swanson who has supported a Biblical death penalty for homosexuals.

Swanson asked Cruz, "How important is it for the President of the United States to fear God and what does that mean to you?"

"Any president who doesn't begin every day on his knees isn't fit to be commander-in-chief of this nation," Cruz stated.

His answer got an "amen" from Swanson and applause from the crowd.

However, Cruz appeared to be contradicting Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, which says: "[N]o religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States," according to the Cornell University Law School.

On Nov. 7, Swanson angrily paced the stage during his keynote address, and said that he was willing to go to jail for the "Word of God."

Swanson added that homosexuals can be spared the death penalty in order for them to repent, notes (video below).

Swanson also said that adulterers, divorced people who had remarried and porn addicts also need to repent.

Sources: (2), Cornell University Law School / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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