Sen. Rand Paul Wants Guns, Concealed Weapons Permits In Washington D.C.


Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky announced Nov. 20 that he plans to introduce legislation to bring guns back to the District of Columbia, with concealed weapons permits.

“For too long the Americans who live in and visit their nation’s capital have been prevented from defending themselves and their loved ones. No longer should our citizens have to choose between safety or visiting Washington, D.C.,” Paul said in the press release posted on his campaign website,

Under Paul’s “Defend Our Capital Act of 2015,” certain restrictive firearm ownership laws in D.C. would be removed. The district would also be required to issue and grant reciprocity for concealed weapons permits for both residents and nonresidents.

Paul outlined the major points of the legislation in the release:

·      Requires the District of Columbia to begin issuing concealed weapons permits for both residents and non residents.

·      Requires the District of Columbia to grant reciprocity of concealed weapons permits issued by other states and commonwealths. 

·      Eliminates existing District of Columbia laws that restrict firearms and ammunition ownership.

·      Allows for national reciprocity of conceal and carry weapons permits between states and for carry by active duty military. 

·      Allows for the carrying of firearms on public, non-sensitive areas of federal property.

·      Allows for the purchase of firearms across state lines. 

According to Guns & Ammo, the District of Columbia is the worst place for gun owners in the United States.

“If you’re a gun owner looking to move to the D.C. area, take a hard look at Northern Virginia instead,” Keith Wood wrote in Guns & Ammo’s “Best States for Gun Owners 2015."

Sources:, Guns & Ammo / Photo source: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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