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Sen. Rand Paul Proposes Constitutional Amendment That Would End Subsidized Health Care For Government Employees


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul plans to push for a constitutional amendment that would end tax-funded health care for government workers. The new amendment would require all federal workers, including members of Senate and Congress, to purchase insurance under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). 

Paul’s plan is a reaction to government employees’ support of the Affordable Care Act despite actually having to participate in the new rules of the legislation. Paul is specifically targeting the Supreme Court, which ruled last year in favor of upholding the individual mandate to purchase health insurance required by the Affordable Care Act.

“My amendment says basically that everybody including Justice Roberts - who seems to be such a fan of Obamacare - gets it too. See, right now, Justice Roberts is still continuing to have federal employee health insurance subsidized by the taxpayer. And if he likes Obamacare so much, I’m going to give him an amendment that gives Obamacare to Justice Roberts,” Paul said to the Daily Caller.

Paul also publicized his opinions via Twitter, on which he wrote “Justice Roberts loves #Obamacare so much, he deserves to live under it.”

Republicans in Congress have been attempting to prove provisions of the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional since its inception. After the ruling was handed down from the Supreme Court, the House’s new tactic is to defund the health care law. The debate surrounding the budget for the Affordable Care Act is one of the key threats to the possible government shutdown.  

Senator Paul currently receives subsidized health care, but believes that his amendment should be applicable to himself and his fellow members of Congress, as well. 


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