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Sen. Rand Paul Claims Hillary Clinton Was Defeated Last Night (Video)

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) claimed that Hillary Clinton, who has not run for office in six years, was defeated last night. Sen. Paul also said Bill Clinton was defeated, even though he has not run for office since 1996.

"I think we’re going to pick up enough [seats] to take over the Senate, and I think it is a repudiation basically of the President's policies, but also Hillary Clinton," Sen. Paul told Fox News, noted The Hill (video below).

"Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have been all over the place," added Sen. Paul. "They’re trying to make out as if they’re somehow better for Democrats, but in Kentucky they were soundly rejected."

"They campaigned in Kentucky very heavily, and in Arkansas, and in Iowa, so I think the facts are the facts," stated Sen. Paul. "Did the Clintons help their ticket? So far, I don’t think they have."

However, Sen. Paul's father, former Republican congressman Ron Paul, slammed the GOP win on Twitter:

Republican control of the Senate = expanded neocon wars in Syria and Iraq. Boots on the ground are coming!

The elder Paul told last night that the entire system is corrupt because the two parties have a monopoly (video below).

“This whole idea that a good candidate that’s rating well in the polls can’t get in the debate, that’s where the corruption really is,” said Paul. “It’s a monopoly ... and they don’t even allow a second option. If a third party person gets anywhere along, they are going to do everything they can to stop that from happening."

“What do they do with our young people? They send them all around the world, getting involved in wars and telling them they have to have democratic elections,” warned Paul. “But here at home, we don’t have true Democracy. We have a monopoly of ideas that is controlled by the leaders of two parties. And they call it two parties, but it’s really one philosophy.”

Sources:, The Hill


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