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Sen. Pat Roberts Claims Limiting Campaign Donations is 'Voter Suppression' (Audio)

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins and Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) tried to compare efforts to limit campaign spending to violating the First Amendment right to free speech and voter suppression.

Perkins and Sen. Roberts are upset about a constitutional amendment by Sen. Tom Udall (D-New Mexico) that would give the U.S. Congress and the states the authority to regulate spending in federal elections.

Speaking on Perkins' radio program “Washington Watch” last Thursday, Sen. Roberts claimed that supporters of the proposed amendment want to “regulate free speech so they can silence their critics and retain their hold on power," noted (audio below).

“This is voter suppression, this is to silence his critics,” Sen. Roberts claimed.

However, the proposed amendment does not suppress any voting or silence anyone's free speech, but would rather allow Congress and the states to limit campaign donations, which was previously the law of the land before the U.S Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling in 2010 that opened the floodgates for unlimited campaign donations.

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