Sen. Marco Rubio Supporters Rough Up Protesters Dressed As Robots (Video)


Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida has been mocked for repeating the same lines at the GOP debate on Feb. 6, which detractors have called robotic. Two protesters dressed as robots showed up in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Feb. 9, and were roughed up by Rubio supporters (video below).

A protester dressed in a silver robot costume and holding a "#RobotRubio" sign approached a crowd of Rubio supporters who were standing outside a school that is being used as a polling place, reports CBS Boston.

The robot protester was grabbed in a headlock by a Rubio supporter dressed in a green jacket, while another Rubio supporter pushed the robot with a sign and the crowd yelled “Marco, Marco!” notes

The green-jacketed Rubio supporter finally released his headlock on the Rubio robot after he realized that he was being filmed by the media.

Later, in a separate video, the Rubio supporter in the green jacket is seen greeting the Republican presidential candidate.

The other robot protester, “Rubio Talking Point 3000,” posted a picture on Twitter of himself lying in the snow with the caption: "On ground after they shoved me over."

Sources:, CBS Boston, Twitter / Photo Credit: Americans United For Change via YouTube

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