Sen. Marco Rubio Says Gun Control Wouldn't Have Prevented Mass Shooting In San Bernardino


In the wake of the mass shooting that left 14 dead in San Bernardino, California, the issue of gun control is, once again, sharply divided along partisan lines. Presidential candidates from both parties are now discussing the issue and now Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, a rising star among his party’s field of White House contenders, has weighed in.

During his appearance on “Fox and Friends” on Dec. 4, Rubio said he gun laws wouldn’t have prevented the shooting. 

“First of all, criminals will always have access to weapons — that’s why it’s important that law-abiding citizens have access to the ability to protect themselves,” Rubio said.

“California, for example, has very strict gun laws. France has very strict gun laws,” he said. “Even all the proposals that the Left are putting out — if they were all in place, none of them would have disrupted not just the attack in San Bernardino, but none of these other major attacks we’ve seen over the last few years in this country, whether they’re terrorist-related or not.”

Though authorities are still investigating if the shooting is terrorism, Rubio added: “These laws have never been proven to do anything to reduce gun violence.”

According to the New York Times, all of the weapons used in the shooting at the Inland Regional Center were legally obtained.

Rubio also pushed for what he called bomb control. “When this first came out, without knowing anything about the case, the first thing they started talking about was gun control, and gun control,” he said.

 “I don’t hear anybody talking about bomb control. They put bombs, they left bombs behind on the scene of attack, intending to kill even more people than they did with the guns.”

Sources: Fox News, New York Times Image via Marc Nozell/Flickr

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