Sen. Rubio Calls Donald Trump A 'Con Artist' (Video)


Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida pounded his rival, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, during a rally in Dallas on Feb. 26 (video below).

"What we are dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist," Rubio told the crowd, according to the Washington Post. "He is a con artist. First of all, he runs on this idea that he is fighting for the little guy, but he has spent his entire career sticking it to the little guy."

Rubio said that workers didn’t get paid and subcontractors went out of business when Trump declared bankruptcies for some of his companies.

Rubio also called Trump University a “fake school,” and said people went into thousands of dollars of debt to get their picture taken with a cardboard cut-out of the billionaire.

Rubio told the crowd about what Trump was allegedly doing during breaks at the GOP debate on Feb. 25, CNN notes:

He went backstage, he was having a meltdown. First, he had this little makeup thing applying makeup around his mustache because he had one of those little sweat mustaches. Then he asked for a full-length mirror. I don’t know why because the podium goes up to here, but he wanted a full length mirror. Maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet, I don’t know.

Trump mocked Rubio at a rally in nearby Fort Worth.

While the crowd yelled “Trump!” repeatedly, the GOP front-runner picked up a bottle of water, opened the cap, flung water around on the stage and said, “It’s Rubio!,” notes Mediaite.

Sources: CNN, Washington PostMediaite / Photo Credit: CNN via YouTube

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