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Sen. John McCain Shoos "Rude" Protestor From Town Hall Meeting In Arizona (Video)

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At a town hall meeting in Arizona, a man began loudly questioning Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain's support of military support in Syria. The man stood across from McCain and began yelling at him, accusing the United States of supplying weapons to Syrian rebel forces with links to al-Qaeda. While the man spouted off angrily, the Senator stood calmly and repeatedly asked whether or not the man was finished so that he could issue a response. 

When the man had finally finished his rant, McCain had a simple response. 

“I’ve been to Syria. Americans have not supplied many weapons at all,” McCain said. 

Although the man seemed much angrier than the others in the town hall meeting, his rant was somewhat justified. Several of the rebel factions in Syria have been linked to al-Qaeda, and the United States has been supplying weapons to some of the rebel forces, although details are murky as to exactly what they’re supplying as well as the political outlook of those rebel forces. 

The CIA began dealing arms to rebel forces in early September, but refused to give many details. When an official was first approached about the supp;ly of arms his response was vague: “That is something we are not going to dispute, but we are not going to publicly speak to it,” the official said, according to CNN. 

McCain ultimately called the man in the town hall meeting “rude” and shooed him out of the building.

Later, McCain also claimed that he’s considering running for a sixth term as Arizona Senator.


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