Sen. John McCain Says Hillary Clinton vs. Rand Paul For 2016 President Would Be A "Tough Choice"


Sen. John McCain expressed his questionable support for a possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate – Sen. Rand Paul — when he said he would have a tough time choosing between Rand and Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, in the presidential race.

The Arizona Republican said casting a vote for Rand over Clinton would be a “tough choice” for him in a recent interview. McCain has not expressed strong support for either candidate. He and Paul have disagreed on policy issues in the past, and his politics are not aligned with Clinton’s either, according to Politico.

McCain has called Rand a “wacko bird” in the past for breaking from the Republican party on multiple issues in the past, according to ABC News. McCain and Rand have taken opposite sides on foreign policy and national security issues.

Rand Paul’s father, Ron Paul, previously ran for president and gained some support from the sections of the Republican party, namely the Tea Party. 

“I think that Rand Paul represents a segment of the GOP, just like his father,” he said. “And I think he is trying to expand that, intelligently, to make it larger.”

Rand is more likely to gain mainstream Republican support than his father was, according to the Washington Post.

McCain apologized afterwards for his “wacko” comment, but said he would continue debating Rand.

While McCain and Hillary have clashed previously, he has said she did an excellent job as secretary of state.

“I think she did a fine job,” he said. “She’s a rock star. She has, maybe not glamour, but certainly the aura of someone widely regarded throughout the world.”

McCain said he still wished his career in politics could include a job as president.

“Am I happy?” he said. “I’d like to be president of the United States.”

Sources:, ABC News, Washington Post 


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