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Sen. John Boozman Claims People Don't Use Assault Weapons to 'Commit Crimes'

Sen. John Boozman (R-AR) appeared on the “The Alice Stewart Show" on KHTE 96.5 in England, Arkansas on Wednesday and claimed that criminals don’t use assault weapons “to commit crimes.”

Several mass murders, which are crimes per U.S. law, such as Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado were committed with assault weapons.

Sen. Boozman also attacked the gun control package in the Senate, which calls for universal background checks, reports

While attacking the gun control package, Sen. Boozman failed to mention that assault weapons and high capacity magazines are not part of the proposed bill that the Senate will probably vote on this week.

"Nothing that’s being proposed would have any effect on that at all. When you look at the studies, 90 percent of violent crime is hand guns, 5 percent is rifles, less than 1 percent is assault-style weapons and again these are not the automatic weapons that soldiers carry," said Sen. Boozman. "But they’re big, bulky, people don’t use them to commit crimes and so as a result it still doesn’t do anything."

According to the Washington Post, a Mayors Against Illegal Violence's 2009 study on mass shootings reported that 28 percent of mass shootings included "assault weapons or high-capacity magazines,” which resulted in “an average of 8.3 deaths, compared with 5.4 deaths on average for the rest.”

Sources: and Washington Post


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